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    Shenzhen south technology co., LTD

    Founded in 2011, is a research, production, development in one of the high-tech enterprises. The company mainly produces the wireless module and the wireless sensor network, also used in the production of a variety of water, electricity and gas metering device of the concentrator, collector and other electric metering equipment, is a professional manufacturer of wireless data acquisition equipment. Nancheng technology is located in Shenzhen, Baoan District, production base is located in Dongguan Town, Tangxia, production and operation area of 1000 square meters, with a registered capital of $2 million. The company currently employs 100 people, including R & D personnel accounted for the total number of companies of 26%.
    Over the years, Nancheng technology has been adhering to the "professional dedication, excellence" business principles, dedicated to expand the field of radio data transmission, has been successfully launched with independent intellectual property rights, in accordance with the situation of Chinese wireless control device has been approved by the state radio regulatory agency approval, and to achieve large-scale production, the annual output of up to 1 million units (sets). Our country network concentrator, according to standard production of I type and II type collector series of electric power users information acquisition equipment has passed the performance test of network measurement center commissioned by the state, in full compliance with the new requirements of the national grid and other relevant industry standards.
    Over the years, Nancheng science and technology to pursue people-oriented, technology as the guide to service as the core, focusing on basic training, and constantly improve the business skills and operational level of staff. Company to PDCA as the cycle, the implementation of a comprehensive quality management, strict implementation of product quality control processes, strict quality control in the process management, product a pass rate of 99%. The company set up a special task force for customers, the team members are fully familiar with customer needs, continuous improvement and improve product quality.
    After continuous hard pioneer, Nancheng technology has many top professional technical personnel and advanced equipment, can provide a full range of solutions to the user. Companies in strict accordance with the ISO-9001 organization of production and management, the perfect management system and high-quality management personnel, to ensure that the data transmission products in more than and 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) stable and reliable operation, high product reliability and excellent performance by the user's praise. Nancheng technology has been in Beijing, Guizhou, Shandong, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Yunnan, Guangxi and other 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to establish a sales and service agencies, in a number of provincial power grid established a customer service system.
    To actively expand the domestic market at the same time, Nancheng technology also attaches great importance to expand the international market, products have been exported to Russia, Australia, India, France, Slovakia, Ukraine, the United States and other countries and regions. At the same time, the company is gradually deploying international marketing network in order to quickly respond to the needs of overseas customers.
    Facing the future, Nancheng technology is willing to promote the application and development of China's wireless digital products and unremitting efforts.
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